New Smile

You are the most elegant accessory you can carry without ever leaving your laughter. Broken, tinted, missing, aged .... If you keep this accessory "real you" because of your teeth, it is time to bring it out.

Here are the design steps for your new laugh and the answers to frequently asked questions:

Cosmetic Consultation

On your first visit, your problems and expectations are learned by listening to you first. Once you have received a comprehensive medical history, panoramic x-ray and, if necessary, intraoral x-rays, the current status of your teeth, both oral and intraoral, is determined.

Computer Imaging

You will be presented with the most appropriate smile for you through a digital photo taken and a new photo possible.


The same change we made on the photo with the composite is made in your own mouth or on the measurement model. In this way, the possible new smile is observed live on the mouth or on the model.

During your visit, you will also have the opportunity to review the books about smile changing.

Once you and your doctor have decided on the treatment together, you will be informed about the treatment plan and cost and written information.

Following the decision you need, cleaning, channel treatment etc. After the procedure, a measure of your mouth is taken and a working model is prepared.

Then on the same day or the next appointment, you will have reached your dream teeth in no more than 2 hours !!!

What is the benefit of this application?

Compared to classical porcelain applications, it is very fast and economical. Moreover, since the tooth surface is slightly abraded, we can call it a tooth-friendly application.

Will it break?

The likelihood of fracture is the same as porcelain or your own tooth (normally 5-10 years of use). Moreover, there is the possibility of repairing this technique when there is no possibility to repair the porcelain (in this case it needs to be done again).

Is there a color problem? Does the color of the migration match?

Since there is a wide palette of colors, applications can be made without sacrificing naturalness. In addition, if you want to whiten your teeth, you can bleach your teeth first and then apply.

Applicable to others?

Young friends at the age of 18 who laugh in front of the mirror,
When we were young, there were no tellers, now I'm looking for a quick solution from the wires,
The first time we meet tomorrow we have to do something right away, Aman wedding pictures as well as the 32 walks to show the bride and groom candidates,
I was a little younger without stretching the face ...
It is too long for you to say we write.