Our clinic was established in 2007.

Our clinic, which has been serving since 1995, has been renovated with the name change in 2007 and again with the staff of specialist doctors and assistant personnel. Tolga Teksöz and Dt. Kıvılcım Teksöz meets you in management.

Our Team

Dentist Tolga Teksöz


He was born in Istanbul in 1967. He is graduated from F.M.V Isik Highschool in 1984; and from the University of Istanbul Faculty of Dentistry in 1990. He started his Ph.D. program in Restorative Dentistry Department in 1992 and succeeded his proficiency examination in 1994.

After leaving the university in 2000, as the owner of the İstanbulsmile clinic in Teşvikiye, he continues to provide services especially in implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

Tolga Teksöz, is a member of the Chamber of Istanbul Dentists, Restorative Dentistry Association, EDAD (Esthetic Dentistry Academy) and Global Dental Association; his hobbies are basketball, cycling, snow slides, free diving and harpoon fishing.

Dentist Kıvılcım Teksöz


She was born in 1970 in Istanbul. She is graduated from Saint Benoit French High School in 1989; and University of Istanbul Faculty of Dentistry in 1994. She started his Ph.D. in Endodontics (1995) at the same faculty. After successfully passing the qualification exam (1997), she took a break from his study.

IN HOUSE QUALITY SYSTEM AUDITOR CERTIFICATE organized by ITU Continuous Training Center in November 2007; and HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE organized by the same center on 20.02.2008. On 26-27 March 2010, she received the Health Tourism Certificate which the Health Tourism Turkey Coordination Office organized. She has attended a training seminar in the Advanced use of Botulinum Toxin Type-A (BOTOX and Dysport) and Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers in Facial Aesthetics presented by Dr. Xavier Goodarzian in London on 25-26-27 November 2011.

Besides Dt. Kıvılcım Teksöz's professional studies, she has translated books on behalf of Beyaz Publishing House(Schools without Failure, Psychotherapy of Everyday Life, Networking).

Why choose your Dentist TOLGA TEKSÖZ clinic?

We care about your health

We consider oral and dental health as a whole with general health and address it with a personal protective and therapeutic approach.

We care about hygiene

In our clinic, you can follow sterilization procedures from the fully equipped "transparent room." Infection controls of all personnel and equipment are periodically checked with vaccinations and tests.

We care about your comfort

We also provide "VALE SERVICE" so that you can reach our clinic without being affected by Nişantaşı traffic.

We care about your time

We know that no one likes to be kept waiting, so we try to make your appointments in full time. Patients without a bad appointment are treated the same day.

We give importance to budget

We offer different payment plans so that you can benefit from our services under the most suitable conditions for you. You can also benefit from promotions in "istanbulsmile packages".

We follow the latest technology closely

Pain-free anesthesia, Computer-controlled local anesthesia device, 90% less radiation and immediate follow-up.