Welcome to Dentist TOLGA TEKSÖZ clinic.

Accepting as a mission "the best for the patient", istanbulsmile aims to take a lifelong, continuous and controlled solutions before the problem arises. It is ready to serve you in our clinic renewed in 2007,in Nişantaşı with the sincere, honest, accessible staff.

Why choose your Dentist TOLGA TEKSÖZ clinic?

We care about your health

We consider oral and dental health as a whole with general health and address it with a personal protective and therapeutic approach.

We care about hygiene

In our clinic, you can follow sterilization procedures from the fully equipped "transparent room." Infection controls of all personnel and equipment are periodically checked with vaccinations and tests.

We care about your comfort

We also provide "VALE SERVICE" so that you can reach our clinic without being affected by Nişantaşı traffic.

We care about your time

We know that no one likes to be kept waiting, so we try to make your appointments in full time. Patients without a bad appointment are treated the same day.

We give importance to budget

We offer different payment plans so that you can benefit from our services under the most suitable conditions for you. You can also benefit from promotions in "istanbulsmile packages".

We follow the latest technology closely

Pain-free anesthesia, Computer-controlled local anesthesia device, 90% less radiation and immediate follow-up.

How we can help...

We offer a wide range of procedures to help you with a perfect smile.